Use A Template To Create A Stylish Restaurant Menu

Use A Template To Create A Stylish Restaurant Menu
A well designed menu is integral to a restaurant’s success. It may not be the first impression that potential customers have of your restaurant, but it’s a close second. An effective menu whets the appetite and gives customers a taste of what they can expect before they’ve even ordered.

A well designed menu can have a positive effect, developing a positive impression for the customer and instilling confidence that the food will be good. On the other hand, a poorly designed menu can have the adverse effect. Customers could be given a negative impression and may be apprehensive about the restaurant’s quality.

It’s really important that you get your menu right. You could give it to a designer or, with a little bit of help from a restaurant menu template, you could do an excellent job and save some money in the process.

How a great menu benefits your restaurant
A lot can be read into your restaurant’s menu. A great menu gives customers a certain amount of confidence in the quality of your establishment.

A striking menu, created with a template, is essentially an advert for your products and, when accurately designed, resonates with your diners.

For example, a high quality menu helps a customer ordering food which, hopefully, leads to them enjoying a pleasant meal. The menu is a little window into the quality of your restaurant. You can bet that if customers have confidence in the menu, it’ll go a long way towards them having a great overall impression.

No design skills? Use a template
A restaurant menu template enables you to design and print menus which look professional and saves you money too. A well designed menu will have long term benefits thanks to an increased customer base and improved sales.

You want your menu to be appetising and there are several elements within your template that will help you to achieve this.

Choice of font is one of the most important factors to get right because customers need to be able to clearly read the menu. It’s tempting to employ fancy fonts, but resist and opt for readability because this will keep the customer focused on your menu.

You could include photographs of your dishes, although there is some debate about the value of photography in menus. Most customers know what a steak looks like, so instead why not include decorative illustration that highlights your restaurant’s ambience?

You can make these important creative decisions without having to worry about the ins and outs of the software because the template takes care of this for you.

What to do after editing
Nothing that’s printed ever looks exactly the same as it did on screen. Once you feel you’ve produced your perfect menu, it might pay you to print and test it in your restaurant.

If you feel something needs tweaking it’s quick and easy to do in a template. You can go back to the drawing board without having spent a fortune on designers and printing.

Use a menu template to ensure your menu doesn’t let your restaurant down. When fused with your passion and understanding of your restaurant, it’s an inexpensive and easy way to create a professional and stylish menu, without the need to learn about design software or to pay someone to design it for you.

Peter White works for Serif, a developer of design and productivity software for small businesses and home users. Serif’s range features dtp templates for business use including both free restaurant menu templates and purchasable menu templates, together with logo templates.

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