Voting for the First Time

Voting for the First Time
My first time voting in a presidential election, my first primary. A historical vote in my life and in a … I have watched every debate on YouTube multiple times. I listened to all the … I stand at the booth, staring at the screen. And in that …
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'Behind you!' Clinton asks where Sanders was during healthcare campaign
It all began during the most recent political debate, when Clinton mocked her opponent for his campaign promise to implement a single-payer healthcare system. “I don't know…where was he when I was trying to get health care in '93 and '94?” she asked …
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Middle fingers are flying around Trump Tower
If the rally last week wasn't enough indication of some Chicagoan's feelings about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a new Instagram trend is proving some people here really don't like the guy. While the Trump Tower, which was constructed …
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