Wall Street to get graded on how much spoofing it enables

Wall Street to get graded on how much spoofing it enables
WASHINGTON – U.S. regulators have grown so concerned that traders are using high-speed computers to manipulate markets that they're planning a new tactic to clamp down on the practice — rating brokers on how much spoofing flows through their order …
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Links and quotes for Dec. 22, 2015: Scientists and Wall Street, telecommuting
Shu shows that Wall Street is not attracting the best future scientists and engineers out of college (or at least, not the ones from MIT). Rather, she finds that students who ultimately go into finance are different from those who pursue science in …
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5 Quotes Prove Listening to Wall Street Is a Waste of Time
is the question everyone on Wall Street and throughout global finance is asking themselves (and others), referring to whether or not the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade at this month's meeting of the …
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