We've been avoiding the wrong 'unhealthy' ingredient for decades

We've been avoiding the wrong 'unhealthy' ingredient for decades
Nuts are also a good source of fiber, a key nutrient that helps aid digestion and keeps us feeling full. Cut back on added sugar and refined carbs. Diets that are high in sugar and refined carbs (white rice, sweet snack foods, white bread) and low in …
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Equal opportunity eating: Stamford doc's food plan targets non-dieters in need
For Dr. Joe, as he is better known, his affection for this healthy snack necessitated its place in the lifestyle plan that he has spent the past eight years or so developing, honing, testing and analyzing, as well as practicing. In March, his book, “Dr …
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Are You Eating the Right Kind of Fiber?
“But that's not the only problem with inulin when it's added to processed foods. These foods are generally high in sugar, fat and sodium, but when people see a 'fiber added' label, they erroneously to assume that the food is healthy. I've even seen …
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