What Role Should Silicon Valley Play in Fighting Terrorism?

What Role Should Silicon Valley Play in Fighting Terrorism?
Starting in the 1950s, with the founding of the National Security Agency, AT&T and later the Baby Bells allowed signal-intelligence crews to tap into phone lines. …. Just as telecom executives in the last half of the 20th century felt moved by …
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Diversified Economy, Less Dependence on Oil Can Make Nigeria Stronger, World
The government must diversify the economy if Nigeria is to survive falling global oil prices, World Bank Vice President and Treasurer Arunma Otteh said yesterday. She said Nigeria ranks 152nd out of 188 in the Human Development Index, and ranks below …
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Deutsche Bank Isn't Deutsch Anymore
For consumers elsewhere in the world, the situation at Deutsche may seem more obscure compared to the failings at VW. For Germans, however, they are far more significant. It's not just that, in the context of the German economy, the bank is far too big …
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