Why won't Donald Trump debate Ted Cruz?

Why won't Donald Trump debate Ted Cruz?
That's not the way to win respect – especially from the tough, politically incorrect base that seems to make up much of his support. I'm surprised they aren't making a fuss. If Trump is going to kick butt in Washington and make America great again …
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GOP Debate: Donald Trump Renders Political Correctness Meaningless
The right, it should be noted, has its own version of political correctness. Later in the debate, Trump said this: "We should pay our respect to the police because they are doing a phenomenal job and they don't get enough respect." But the notion that …
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Donald Trump Faults Protesters Over Violence, Not Their Assailants
… of activity because the people in the audience tend to listen to those who are speaking,” he said on “This Week,” adding: “We ought to condemn this kind of violence and encourage the American people to engage in this political debate in a …
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