Will Hillary Clinton Make History?

Will Hillary Clinton Make History?
One woman, perhaps a decade younger than Hillary, with a thick Midwestern accent, stood up to speak her piece: “I want to say that when I listen to you, I feel that the political discourse is taken back to sanity.” Knowing laughter rippled through the …
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Section 124A: Jharkhand tops sedition cases, J&K has none
The sedition charge slapped on JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar has led to political and legal debate. It is a charge used frequently in the country, with government data showing that IPC section 124A (sedition) was invoked 47 times in 2014, making up …
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Misogyny Is Behind Donald Trump's Boycott of Fox Debate With Megyn Kelly
Political pundits on TV and Twitter tied themselves in knots Tuesday night trying to decipher Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from Thursday's GOP debate, the last debate before Monday's Iowa caucuses. Many deemed it a power play, a strategic …
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