Many governments, supporters and politicians has blackmailed, collaborated, traded many individuals lives in the cause of their dirty bid for power from time since independence in Sierra Leone in particular and many other African countries in general. Trying to clean up their actions is too late with latest revelations we are all witnessing and many to come from sources, confessions and the “WIKILEAKS” saga. We still have politicians who have been with us since independence who have had their fair share in nearly all the dispensation. Our democracy and the power of our politicians was built on the blood and sacrifice of innocent children, youths and adults to aquire and manitain power at any cost. What was once in the dark is now coming to light. We must brace up for many revelations. You never know, you may have been a secret victim like most of us but the truth shall set us free.


In times of war, if a person acts, dresses, walks and talks like his foe, he or she will generally be treated as such in order to protect himself or herself and preserve his/her safety. My intelligence tells me that there are always exceptions to rules, but the energy and time that it takes to discern is not always available. I feel our judgements, and perceived notions about tribalism and ethnicity have come from past experiences and stereotypes, however all of these ‘judgements’ have come from one group or set of people, who are classified as low minded individuals. In our case scenario pertaining to the war, many innocent individuals and families including members were slaughtered like chicken or animals very unprecedented in our annals.  It was a senseless endeavour which started from the then opposition (SLPP) base, that rapidly engulf the country, because the people wanted change, a change at all cost. This ambition of politicians and tribal opposing factions became the nightmare and ordeal never to be allowed to take root or be repeated.  When the war finally engulfed the city Freetown, no one was in actual control except those that have scores to settle, those that became hired killers and assassins where the authorities. If any militia or armed group is sent to your house by someone in power or in bed with the then government of the SLPP, who has a score to settle with you, and did not find you, they will take any of your relatives in your place or those they will find in that house. Even old grandmothers were stripped naked and humiliated in such a manner that in the eyes of god is unforgivable. A Muslim religious head was not spared in the wave of madness and political cleansing all in the name of achieving power by a particular tribe and ethnic group.

I believe in the dynamics of nature and nurture, which essence feed our mind, body and souls… believe to be the receptors of our censorial processors, fuelling the vehicles of GOOD and EVIL…

In my youth, living with other indigenous was not a crime or even a thought for concern or contemplation. We didn’t even have a concept of tribalism or any religious issue. Race and colour is simply a western explanation which tries to clarify the differences between human beings. This is harmless, each of us is unique. However the use of the race and tribalism concept was a way to gain wealth and power which resulted in serious conflicts and genocidal act perpetrated by one tribe unto the other.  This distorted ideology is still with us today. Parents are still ‘teaching’ kids the same stereotypes on tribalism and religious fanaticism, its sad. But for ethnic domination to continue, these misconceptions must continue. Only the people of suffering the brunt of such wicked action can change this view and way of  life influencing the politricks of democracy. We are all equal in the eyes of humanity and God. But our wars and impunity in Africa and especially Sierra Leone was purely based on ignorance and tribalism which has been ongoing for the past 40 plus years. Alliances and compromise must be made by ethnic groups based on the general welfare  of their respective people and country not by tribal affiliations. There is needs for greater Pan African input, unity and consensus to counter the present global perceptions of Africans, its senseless wars and growing elitism. Once tribalism and sectionalism has been defeated, then yes there will be no need to form alliances based on where you came from or by what dialect you speak or who you personally support. However, in life we often look for similarities, people who might understand and listen to us better, with some common ground. The possibility of common cultural experiences must be reawaken and better emphasised and translated. So that we can avoid the methodology of judging a persons by his tribe or affiliation. This again should not be the reason to accept or condemn that person.

However, how do one move beyond tribalism and see others as he/she is, when we are so different in ideologies built on perceptions? I do not have issues with multi tribal or racial relationships however, I have one salient question, which is bordering on, how much does one have to compromise oneself, so that we not end up being in the middle ground and loosing our identity and who we are in terms of our beliefs. I think it is empirical for us to be honest about ourselves and not always say the things we think are politically correct just to suit our ego, desire or promoting our vices. In order for us to feel our internal attributes and potentials, we need to look beyond the tribal and ethnic lenses because it only provides us with negative context and in all honesty that we cannot easily rationalise. It is necessary for us to interpret and conceive things within our frame of references acquired through social intercourse and by our general perceptions as experienced which is always influenced and affected by our past.

In all modesty and in humility, I would like to be seen in many different positive ways besides being an African. As an individual that wants to continue my dedicated personal convictions of serving the greater good and cause of HUMANITY with an infant nurturing and love for my country called Sierra Leone. If you overlook my ideologies and identity in colouration and abuse, then I am afraid you are not talking or referring to me – Syl Juxon Smith…We shall see and know the truth sooner than we presumed. Stop using others as SACRIFICIAL LAMB when you are the actual perpetrator. But don’t be afraid of those who threaten you. For the time is coming when everything that is covered will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all. Luke 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

Syl Juxon Smith is a Member of ASIS & WABA: Commercial Industrial Business Security Consult (Africa) CCTV SYSTEMS-ALARMS-ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS TENDER AND DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS HOME GROWN INTEGRATED SECURITY SOLUTIONS WITH EXPERIENCE IN AFRICA – Offering PR International Trade and Business Consult and Representation

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