Yang Lan – China’s Oprah at TED Global conference

Yang Lan – China’s Oprah at TED Global conference

Yang Lan is famous in China as a TV star and media entrepreneur whose shows have been watched by over 200 million people per week. Getting her start in an audition twenty years ago when she won a spot on television by beating out one thousand young college women, Yang Lan is currently known as the Oprah of China. She has recently delivered an excellent speech about understanding China’s youth through social media at TED talks in Scotland.

During the TED Global conference held in Scotland in July, Yang Lan said that there are also many difficulties for many younger people to progress.

Talking about the gender disparity with the China’s one-child policy, the TV star said “because of selected abortion by families who favored boys to girls, now we have ended up with 30 million more young men than women.”

In China, the population is aging. Therefore, young people are trying to support their parents financially. College graduates in the cities can earn about $ 400 a month at the beginning while their average rent is over $ 500. It would take 30 to 40 years of earnings for young couples to pay for an apartment.

Yang Lan delivered a speech at the TED Global conference in Edinburgh, U.K. in July

According to Yang Lan, income inequality in China is greater than in the U.S: “The bitterness and even resentment towards the rich and the powerful is quite widespread. So any accusations of corruption or backdoor dealings between authorities or business would arouse a social outcry or even unrest.”

Yang Lan said that if you want to know the feelings of Chinese youth, read what they say on microblogs. According to her, the government still controls the traditional media heavily. Although social media brings the youth an opening to “let the steam out a little bit”, “the heat coming out of this opening is sometimes very strong, active and even violent” because they don’t have many other openings.

Yang Lan is called the Oprah of China

Related to environmental issues such as polluted air and water and poisoned food, Yang Lan said “All these things have aroused a huge outcry from the Internet. And fortunately, we have seen the government responding more timely and also more frequently to the public concerns.”

Yang Lan

Yang Lan added that young Chinese adults are well educated and are creative in finding solutions. Microblogging also helps people to find missing children and rescue animals.

The TV star concluded that China’s younger generation is “going to transform this country while at the same time being transformed themselves.”


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