You Can Decorate Large Rooms in the House Either With a 7×9 Or 8×10 Area Rug

You Can Decorate Large Rooms in the House Either With a 7×9 Or 8×10 Area Rug

Carpeting is not the only thing you can do to make the room look good. This is the reason why area rugs were invented and two of the largest you can get measure 7×9 and 8×10.

Both the 7×9 and the 8×10 area rugs are not for every room in the house because you need an open area that can accommodate it so everything will be able to lie on the floor. The two most obvious places are the dining room and the living room given that most of the tables in these two places will require an eight foot wide rug.

Aside from the table, another reason is to also fit the chairs. It wouldn’t look nice if it is outside the perimeter of the area rug and also to prevent people who sit there from falling off.

The best way to do this will be to measure the table by getting its length and width and then adding at least 4 feet to the measurement. This should then tell you whether what you need will be an area rug that measures 7×9 or 8×10.

What kind of 7×9 or 8×10 rug will you need? The answer depends on what do you want the focal point in the room to be. If the table is the focal point, then you have to get an area rug that has a design in the center. Should something else be of importance, then you can get a rug that has a repetitive pattern without any design in the middle.

Aside from the size of the area rug, your decision whether to get the 7×9 or the 8×10 should also be based on the surroundings. You should pay attention to the paint of the walls, the upholstery of the furniture and any other decoration. If both are fairly subdued, you can go for one that has a busier pattern which brings more life to the room.

A busier patterned 7×9 or 8×10 area rug is very practical because it is very low maintenance especially when there is a lot of foot traffic involved. The fabric won’t look worn out and dirty that easily compared to those that have lighter colors which gives you time to clean it when you are free making it look good as new.

General rule for 7×9 or 8×10 area rugs or those smaller is that lighter colored ones make the room look more spacious while darker colored variants make the place look cozy. This is the reason that many homeowners buy two to four sets which they alternate come the change of the reason.

When you get a 7×9 or 8×10 area rug, always remember that at least one color there should match what is inside the room. So you don’t make a mistake when you go shopping, you should bring a swatch of something you have there which you can compare with what is available in the store.

Your 7×9 or 8×10 area rug will look wonderful in either your dining or living room by following the tips just mentioned. Aside from those shaped in circles, rectangles and squares, you can try something new like those shaped like a hexagon or an octagon.

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